Win a JACS baby carrier design for Dads!

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Looking for a versatile babycarrier system designed with dads in mind? Look no further – JACS has just what you need! Check out the Kickstarter campaign at to find out more, and grab a pre-launch bargain if you’re not lucky enough to win this Giveaway. Kickstarter Backers will also be  entered into an end of campaign prize draw.

JACS Junior Adaptive Carrier System

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The modular adaptable baby carrier for Dads that want to go the extra mile

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When is a babycarrier not just a babycarrier? When it’s a JACS – the babycarrier system that does more!

The JACS is an innovative and versatile modular baby and equipment carrier system comprising of a central harness, baby-carrier, backpack, and optional chest pouch, designed primarily for dads, that is equally at home in an urban or outdoor setting.

An all-in-one carrier system that enables the user to transport a baby and all necessary accessories within a single wearable piece of travel equipment, without the need for additional baggage. Uniquely, The JACS is the only babycarrier system that can also be used for a variety of non-babycarrying activities, such as hiking, mountain biking, and other outdoor recreational uses, thanks to the multiple configuration options available as standard.

The JACS is also suitable for mums to use too – but our aim was to develop a carrier system that is comfortable and practical for dads, built around a central harness that is more ergonomically tailored for a male torso.

Designed around the principles of military load carrying equipment, The JACS has all of the style, functionality, durability, and high specification demanded by active parents on the go. Choose from either Tactical Black or Digital Multicam options.

The JACS unique mounting platform enables the backpack to be easily attached and detached on the move, without the need to remove the baby-carrier or harness, making it ideal for fast in-mission equipment retrieval. The Backpack and optional Chest-Pouch also provide a degree of counterbalance to the weight of the Baby-Carrier, allowing for an improved carry posture.

The system enables the user to quickly and easily adapt the set-up of the system in line with their specific day to day needs, using the harness as the base for attaching the desired accessories. With up to 8 different configuration options, dependent on the package purchased, The JACS can be quickly and easily tailored to meet the needs of the mission ahead.

We think The JACS is the most versatile babycarrier system available – get ready for a new parenting adventure!