Pregnancy & Infant Loss – Remembrance Day 2014

Today is Pregnancy & Infant Loss Remembrance Day 2014. A day for remembering miscarriage and infant loss. A hard day for so many and a hard day for us at The Dad Network. Today we’re remembering our miscarriage from 2013. It was this that sparked off the start of The Dad Network. We needed a place to share our feelings from the miscarriage experience but also provide a somewhere for dads to come and know that they’re not the only ones to have experienced something like this. The Dad Network is a space for dads to talk, listen and support. 

Feel free to join our Private Facebook Group and get involved in sharing with other dads too. 

Click here to read the story of our miscarriage and below are some other links that might be of interest. 

Partners of miscarriage sufferers

Coping with Miscarriage for dads

True Intimacy in Secret Sadness

Remembrance Day


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