Write for The Dad Network

If you’ve made it to this page, it’s because you’re interested in becoming a regular contributor to The Dad Network. Firstly, thanks for being part of The Dad Network and secondly, thank you for registering your interest in contributing.

The aim of The Dad Network is simple; to support and encourage dads in every aspect of their life. We achieve this by blending 3 aspects:

  1. The actual network – The Facebook groups, the local networks, The Dad Network Live etc etc
  2. Video content on our YouTube channel; youtube.com/dadchanneluk (Now in partnership with Warner Brothers)
  3. Quality written content on The Dad Network main page.

If you’re on this page, then I assume #3 is where you’re most interest. Our goal with our content is to bring dads a variety of engaging articles on a whole range of topics. Obviously parenting in its entirety will be a focus, but we’re aware from research that we’ve carried out that, dads also want some light-hearted articles on anything from tech to sports and politics to sex.


We’re looking for dads to become regular contributors to The Dad Network.

What would we need from you?

  • We’d be asking for a regular article from you. It could be weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. That’s up to you. All we ask is that whatever you commit to, you try your best to stick to it. (Obviously, there are always circumstances meaning you can’t… moving house, new babies etc etc…) It’s important to highlight that we are looking for regular contributors and not one-off submissions.
  • An engaging, spell checked article around 500-800 words with an attention grabbing title. (We can, of course, help with titles etc.)
  • Your articles could be a personal stories or experiences or a completely objective article about current affairs or any topic interesting to men. For example, you could simply write 10 ways to eat healthily after having a baby or an article about Prince William and his family or the 10 best PS4 games of 2016. Some of the best articles are when these 2 things are combined. We try to add a ‘dad’ slant on our articles, but this wouldn’t be a deal breaker. We also have a ‘content plan’ which all contributors have access to. This can be useful if you can’t think of what to write from time to time, so we help each other out with topics.
  • We’d also ask that you share The Dad Network posts on your own social media pages.

What can we offer you?

  • At the moment this is an unpaid opportunity, however, we do know that there will be opportunities for product reviews. These products are likely to be parenting related but we do get offers from all kinds of things. These opportunities will potentially come your way.
  • We can link to your website. It could be your personal blog or a work related website for example. We’ll link from 2 places. Within the articles, you write and also under our contributor’s section (which is under development!).
  • You also have the opportunity to get your writing in front of the tens of thousands of parents who visit The Dad Network each month.
  • We hope that there will come a time whereby we could pay you something for your contributions.

A few last details

  • The Dad Network will ultimately hold all editorial rights, and so won’t publish anything inappropriate to its audience. (We just have to say that from the word go)
  • We’ll use Facebook as the primary way to communicate. It’ll be a small group of all the contributors; it’s just easier and quicker.
  • We’ll set you up with your own log into The Dad Network so you can write/upload your posts directly. We use WordPress, which is very easy to use.

What happens now? 

Well, if after all of that you still fancy contributing regularly to The Dad Network, fill out this form and upload a trial submission. We want to provide our readers with high-quality articles and so the trial submission is designed to make sure that high standard is maintained. The article can be on anything you like and we’ll probably publish it under ‘guest writer.’ Following on from that, we’ll get you set up and ready to start writing.

  • All information will be stored completely privately by The Dad Network and not passed on to any third party.
  • Monthly, Bi-Weekly or weekly