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If you’ve made it to this page, I assume you’re interested in submitting a blog post for The Dad Network, which is great news :)

The Dad Network is all about community and we enjoy sharing articles from a whole host of parents, with varying experiences and parenting styles. We reach hundreds of thousands of parents across our website and social media platforms each month and sharing with them, amazing stories, useful anecdotes, and quality content is important to us.

Here are a few small bits of housekeeping that you need to know before submitting your article.

  • You’re most welcome to submit more than 1 article, in fact, we’d encourage regularly contributions from the same author so our audience begins to get to know you.
  • Please do spend time spell checking your article. We will edit where needed, but if an article is submitted that needs all but re-writing, we simply won’t publish.
  • Your articles could be a personal stories or experiences or a completely objective article about current affairs or any topic interesting aimed at men.For example:
    – 10 ways to eat healthily after having a baby
    – An article about how you supported your partner when breastfeeding
    – 10 best PS4 games of 2017
    – What to expect during the 3rd trimester
    – How to have ‘The Talk’ with your child
  • Please spend time thinking about your article title – we want to grab our audience’s attention immediately so they come in and read your article.
  • All articles need an image to accompany the post. This image must either be owned by you or a completely royalty free image. You can’t just grab snaps from Google images!
  • You may link to your own personal blog or website, but we won’t publish any article that has been compensated by a brand or company. We will convert all links that aren’t personal blogs/websites to no-follow.
  • We’d also ask that you share The Dad Network posts on your own social media pages.
  • And lastly, join our Dad Network Contributors Facebook group – it’s in this group that we’ll share opportunities for product reviews and content ideas.

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Terms & Conditions

  • The Dad Network holds all editorial rights, and won’t publish anything inappropriate to its audience.
  • Not all submitted articles are guaranteed to be published. The Dad Network Limited reserves the right to publish or not publish any submitted article.
  • By uploading your own image(s) you’re giving The Dad Network Limited permission to use that/those image(s) on all Dad Network platforms, including social media.